County Annual Meeting Season

County Annual Meeting Season: The Meaning of Grassroots!

By Diane Clary; NHFB Executive Director

New Hampshire Farm Bureau Executive Director, Diane Clary

NHFB, The Voice of Agriculture, is a “Grassroots” organization. That means everything we do originates from the individual member. Each voting member has an equal voice and that voice steers Farm Bureau. If you don’t add your “voice,” our message is diminished. New Hampshire Farm Bureau demonstrates its strength through membership and member participation. We are nothing without our members and our member’s voices. “How can I add my voice to our message?” you ask. Attend your County and State Annual Meetings. Not only will you enjoy great fellowship with great people but you will have the opportunity to have YOUR VOICE heard. County and State staff work very hard to make these events worthwhile for attendees and your attendance would show appreciation of these efforts. Change starts with the individual member, share your concerns with the county and begin the process of grassroots policy development. Get your voice heard and make a difference. If you would rather have a more supportive roll and less vocal roll; attend the meeting so that you will be informed on the issues and make your decision of support based on all of the information.

Guests enjoy the Grafton County Farm Bureau 2016 Annual Meeting

Be sure to take a look at the listing of the County Annual Meetings, where the grassroots aspect of Farm Bureau is at its finest. Get in touch with your county officials and make a reservation to become part of the solution. Don’t forget that the highlight of the annual meeting season is the State Annual Meeting, don’t miss it! This year’s Annual Meeting is hosted by Cheshire County and will be held at the Courtyard Marriott in Keene on November 10th and 11th. Follow the link for registration information or select ‘2017 Annual Meeting Registration’ from the Events Tab a the top of your screen!