Farmers, gardeners, property owners, local food consumers, teachers, nature fans and anyone who enjoys rural New Hampshire are the kinds of people involved in Farm Bureau.

3,000 Plus Members

There are more than 3,000 members from New Hampshire's 10 county Farm Bureaus. They are among the nation's 6 million plus Farm Bureau member families who form the American Farm Bureau Federation.

Member Benefits:

As a New Hampshire Farm Bureau member, you will benefit from member services designed to put money in your pocket. As well as have the opportunity to enjoy special educational and leadership programs that let you work with others in your community on projects that will help everyone.


Farm Bureau is a "grassroots" organization that provides direct access through your county Farm Bureau to help establish state and national policy and direction. By working together, members turn Farm Bureau policies into legislative action, accomplishing together what would be impossible alone.

Keeps You Informed:

All members receive our publication, The Communicator. Those who want to stay informed with the legislative happenings can sign up to receive The Friday Review, published Fridays during the legislative session (January - June).

Shapes Good Government:

Farm Bureau works closely with state and national policymakers on important issues like property rights, land use regulation, taxes, renewable energy and more.

Connects Buyers & Sellers:

Farm Bureau members can promote their products for free through our Farmers' Market Classified section in The Communicator.

Stretches Your Budget:

Farm Bureau membership offers significant discounts and savings through member benefit providers. 


- serve on boards and committees working on legislation, regulations and issues that impact agriculture, rural areas and New Hampshire citizens in general.

- develop policy through a grassroots, democratic process

- are supported by a staff of professionals to assist them in their action-oriented activities

Despite our differences, agriculture is the common bond. Whether you live in the city or suburbs, you need agriculture as much as it needs you. If you like to eat and drink, you have a vested interest in the success of family farms in the Granite State. For generations, New Hampshire farms have produced safe, wholesome foods that feed New Hampshire families every day.

Farm Bureau wants to keep working farms in New Hampshire and preserve the New Hampshire way of life.