Century Farms in New Hampshire Revision

In 2016 the Associated Women (AW) of NH Farm Bureau wrote a book called “Our Farming Heritage Lives On: Celebrating 100 Years of NH Farm Bureau.” We are now working on the second edition. Again, through stories and pictures, this book will recognize and document those farms that have turned 100 since 2016. If you missed the first edition, now is your chance! Only farms that want their story printed will be included.

We are seeking qualifying farms and your involvement is essential. To help you write your story, we have a set of Farm Book questions.

Please fill out to linked form below if:

  1. The farm has been in continuous operation by the founding family for 100 years or more as of 12/31/2025.
  2. Or the farm has been in continuous operation for 100 years or more BUT not owned by the founding family as of 12/31/2025.

For questions, call the NHFB office at 603-224-1934.

Be sure to submit by JULY 30!!

Link to fill out your farm’s information HERE.