NHFBF Office

NH Farm Bureau Federation
295 Sheep Davis Rd
Concord, NH 03301
Phone: (603) 224-1934
Fax: (603) 228-8432

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Executive Committee

Joyce Brady of Columbia 603-922-3305 or email

1st Vice-President
Bob Cunniff of Langdon 603-835-2226 or email

2nd Vice-President
Tom McElroy of Newton 603-382-5289 or email

2nd Vice-President
Jay Phinizy of Acworth 603-835-2852 or email

Howard Pearl of Loudon 603-435-6587 or email

President, Associated Women
Jozi Best of Unity
603-304-9152 or email

Chair, Young Farmer Committee
Ben Davis of Canterbury
603-998-3642 or email

County FB Presidents

Belknap County
Amy Matarozzo of Ctr. Barnstead
603-449-6060 or email

Carroll County

Cheshire County
Beth Hodge of Hinsdale

Coos County
Mary Tichy of Milan
603-449-2244 or email

Grafton County
Deb Robie of Bath
603-747-3869 or email

Hillsboro County
Trevor Hardy of Hollis
603-860-1657 or email

Merrimack County
Rebecca Ross of Concord
603-545-8071 or email

Rockingham County
Phil Ferdinando of Derry

Strafford County
Ruth Scruton of Farmington
603-781-5247 or email

Sullivan County
Philip Warren of Alstead
603-835-2456 or email


County FB Secretaries

Belknap County
Amy Matarozzo of Center Barnstead
603-499-6060 or email

Carroll County
Nadia Carpenter of Brookfield
603-832-6576 or email

Cheshire County
Bridget Cummings of Hinsdale
603-283-8197 or email

Coos County
Maggie Goulette
860-670-5140 or email

Grafton County
Denis Ward of Monroe
603-254-0832 or email

Hillsboro County
Ammy Rice of Milford
603-234-4771 or email

Merrimack County
Leandra Pritchard of Pembroke
603-210-2460 or email

Rockingham County
Heather Fernald of Nottingham
603-679-1066 or email

Strafford County
Cheryl Laroche of Durham
603-292-5563 or email

Sullivan County
Suzanna Strempfer of Langdon
603-852-4946 or email