The  Meat Producer Listing is a New Hampshire Farm Bureau member benefit.  If you are a Farm Bureau member and would like to have your farm included on this list and in The Communicator, please submit the form (button to right).

Belknap County

Beans & Greens Farm - Gilford
Andrew Howe
293-2853 or email
Grass fed beef, GMO free pork, chicken, turkey.

Half a Penny Farm - Ctr. Barnstead
Shane & Jenn Forest
603.345.5277 or 603.591.2910
We carry pasture raised black angus beef.  USDA Certified. Cryovac packaging. Individual assorted cuts of beef.  Whole, Half and Quarter shares available. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram.

Tim Duval
630-5505 or email
Find us on Facebook at HT Farm LLC. Grass fed, farm raised, USDA beef. Produce and maple syrup.

LorrenJoyce Farm - Barnstead
Amy & Brian Matarozzo
Naturally raised beef. USDA
approved. All cryovac packaging.

Shepherd’s Hut Market – Gilford
Jeff & Joyce Keyser
527-1873 or 393-4696 or email
Certified USDA freezer lamb. Various cuts fresh frozen and vacuum sealed.

Velvet Flats - Gilmanton Iron Works
Sabrina Hufschmid
491-1687 or email
Farm-raised venison.

Whitney Hill Farm - New Hampton
Caroline Crouch
(603) 731-4652 or email
We sell USDA inspected Lamb cuts as well as whole and half lambs. Seasonally, we offer Whole Chickens and Turkeys. We also sell Southdown breeding stock and Southdown wool products.

Carroll County

Mountain Breeze Farm - Center Sandwich
Ryan Milbury -603 677 2605
We offer our own farm-raised beef and pork by the piece,  half, or whole. Wholes and halves choose their own cuts. All. processed in a USDA facility. Pick up and hours by appointment at this time.

Mountain Laurel Farm - Sanbornville
Robert Bevard - 986 - 8480 or e-mail
USDA Labels, homegrown, pasture raised pork, lamb, and chevon

Remick Country Doctor Museum & Farm – Tamworth
Sheena Harte
323-7591 or email
Farm-raised ground beef, breakfast and sweet Italian sausage.

Run Away Farm – Ossipee
Dave Babson
539-4928 or email
Naturally raised beef. Fed grain, hay and grass only.

Top of the Hill Farm – Wolfeboro
Alan Fredrickson
569-3137 or email
Beef – pasture exposed and all natural by the piece, 1/4, 1/2 or whole.

Cheshire County

Archway Farm - Keene
Mark Florenz
(603) 352-3198 or email
Pasture raised heritage pork; whole, half, or individual cuts. See our website for details.

Earth Haven Farm - Marlborough
Mary & George Iselin
(603) 876-4036
Grass fed low-fat Beefalo. USDA labeled pkg hamburger, roasts, steaks at our farm store or 1/4, 1/2, or whole for cuts to customer specifications.

East Hill Farm – Troy
Dave Adams
242-6495 or email
Whole, half, or individual cuts available of pork, beef, lamb and goat.

JHF Stable & Livestock – Alstead
John & Hazell Fuller
(603) 835-6509
USDA vacuumed packed Beefalo and grass fed on the farm Alstead.

Manning Hill Farm, LLC. – Winchester
Sarah Costa
(603) 239-4397 or email
Grass fed heritage beef, pasture raised heritage pork, by the individual cut or in bulk-half and whole sides.  Pasture raised whole roasting chickens.  For more information please visit our website.

Coos County

CJEJ Farm Meat House - Columbia
Chris and Joyce Brady
(603) 922-3305
Cuts of beef, pork, chicken and turkeys

Northwinds Farm – N. Stratford
Scott and Heidi Mason
(603) 922-8377 or email
USDA inspected, vacuum packed beef, lamb and veal. Sold by the side or cut.  Also available through the Barn Store of New England in Salisbury, NH.

Grafton County

Bonnie Brae Farms – Plymouth
Henry Ahern
(603) 536-3880
Farm-raised Red Deer venison, velvet antler, hard antler and hides. Also breeding stock. The deer are primarily grass and hay fed. USDA inspected.  Visit our website for details.

Pines Hill Farm - Lisbon
Jessica Morin
(603) 986-0359 or email
We are a small family farm selling pasture-raised USDA processed beef and pork. We also have whole chickens and turkeys available seasonally.

Rocky Road Tunis Farm – Bath
Deb Robie
747-3869 or email
Local Lamb

StoneFen Farm, llc. - Haverhill
Lora Goss - 481-0017
STONEFEN FARM, LLC - the better beef. Our beef is 100% GRASS FED & FINISHED! Ask what differences grass vs grains make in the nutritional value of our beef. Raised on our farm using soil enriching and regenerative practices. No additives just sunshine and fresh or dried grasses.

Hillsborough County

Barrett Hill Farm – Mason
The LeClairs
(603) 878-4022 or email
Beef, pork and lamb. Visit our website for details.

Bator's Farm - New Ipswich
Mandy Bator
603-291-0215 or email
Eggs, chicken, pork and beef. Also offer custom processing.

Best Life Farm - Mason
Chris Bille
(603) 546-8786 or email
Forest pastured Berkshire pigs, grass-fed Suffolk and Dorset lambs, and fresh eggs. Our pigs and lambs are sold by the half or whole share. USDA inspected frozen retail cuts are available year-round.

Buckeldown Farm - Francestown
Jack Hopfenspirger
(603) 546-5835 or email
We sell grass fed beef by the whole, half or quarter. 30 pound variety boxes are available on a limited basis.

Gus's Farm - Mason
Gus Franchi
(978) 400-8521 or email
Pork, beef, chicken, and turkeys.

Kinney's Farm - Brookline
Travis & Marcalyn Kinney
(603) 673-5956 or email
Selling our own naturally raised grass fed beef, pork, poultry and fresh eggs at our farm stand. Check us out on our Facebook page, Kinney's Farm for all our products and hours of operation. We are open year round.

Leel Farm - New Ipswich
Butch Leel
(603) 562-0860 or email
Pasture raised beef.

Old Homestead Farm - New Ipswich
Ben & Chelsea Hatcher
(978) 407-6280 or email
Pasture-raised USDA beef & farm fresh eggs. Greenhouse vegetables & meat birds coming soon! We also offer horse boarding. Find us on Facebook & Instagram.

Paradise Farm – Lyndeborough
Wayne and Adrienne Colsia
345-0860 or email
100% grass-fed beef, grass-fed lamb, pasture raised pork, free-range eggs, all natural goat milk.  Visit our website for more details.

Temple Mountain Beef – Temple
Mark Salisbury
Beef by the side – cut and packaged to order.

Trombly Gardens – Milford
Beef, pork, lamb and chicken

Merrimack County

AOR Farm - North Sutton
John and Erin Maynard
(719) 424-0589 or email
We sell pasture raised: whole heritage chickens, heritage turkeys, Kune Kune pigs, sheep shares, and eggs. We use regenerative practices as we restore our farmland. Visit our website to get more information or contact us to come out and see what we do.

Bokaja – Webster
648-2520 or 470-6276
Local turkeys – various sizes

Dumont Farms - Loudon
Patrick Dumont
318-9337 or email
Chicken, turkey, duck, goose, pork, lamb, goat, and beef.

Huntoon Farm
Phil or Donna Sprague
46 Huntoon Road
Danbury, NH
(603) 738-5579 or email
Beef, pork, chicken, Thanksgiving Turkeys

Little Red Hen Farm – Pittsfield
Jill Fudala
(603) 568-5540 or email
Forest-fed pork and pasture-raised chicken.

Miles Smith Farm – Loudon
Bruce Dawson or Carole Soule
(603) 783-5159
Locally raised beef in retail packages with USDA labels.

Off A Bit Farm LLC - Danbury
Laura Kilkenny
603-530-2496 or email
We are a small family farm offering naturally raised, USDA processed and packaged goat meat. We also sell rabbit meat, eggs, raw goat milk and raw goat milk yogurt. See our website for all our offerings!

Schroeder Farm - South Newbury
Bill Schroeder
603-938-5911 or email
Black Angus beef by the side or individual cuts. USDA inspected, all grass-fed. Roaster chickens - 10-12 pounds, all natural grain fed.

Tilton Hill Goat Farm - Danbury
Noreen Rollins
(603) 738-5133 or email
USDA goat meat, farm fresh eggs, alpaca fiber and cashmere fiber.

Yankee Farmers’ Market – Warner
Brian & Keira Farmer
Offering farm raised, all natural certified USDA buffalo, venison, elk, grass fed beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and pork.
Our farm has an on farm store open year round, distributes to retail and wholesale accounts, offering a wide variety of individual cuts – steaks, roasts, burger, sausage, jerky. 1/2’s & 1/4’s hides, skulls, breeding stock, farm tours also available.  Visit our website for details.

Rockingham County

Gravel Pit Farm - Nottingham
Samantha & Allan Trant
715-6283 or email
We raise and sell pasture raised pork, beef, and poultry

J&F Farms Inc. – Derry
Melissa Dolloff
437-0535 or email
All cuts of frozen beef.

Mandico Cattle Company
Conrad & Kathy Mandsager
(603) 770-1948 or email
Farm-raised, grass-fed, Highland natural beef.

Strafford County

Coppal House Farm – Lee
John & Carol Hutton
659-3572 or email
USDA certified pasture raised lamb and pork products. All cuts are flash frozen and vacuum sealed. Various cuts available at the farm stand, but special requests are filled when available.

Diamond B Farm – New Durham
Meghan Bickford
762-0190 or email
All natural, pasture raised beef, pork, chicken, turkey and eggs.  Visit our website for more information.

His Harvest Farm - Madbury
Bruce Smith
(603) 834-5012 or email
Pasture raised chickens and eggs.

Pinewoods Yankee Farm – Lee
Tina Fottler & Erick Sawtelle
659-8106 or email 
Grass fed beef. Belted Galloway and Angus crosses. Individual retail cuts and custom cut sides. Find us on Local Harvest and Facebook.

Sullivan County

Beaver Pond Farm - Newport
Bennie Nelson - (603) 542-7339
Raising beef and lamb. For sale at our retail store on the John Stark Highway between Newport & Claremont. Open year ‘round.

Eccardt Farm Inc. – Washington
George, Sandy & Ryan Eccard
495-3830 or email
Our home grown grass fed, USDA certified beef. We have an array of steak cuts and roasts all vacuum packed for longer freshness. Lamb & pork when available.

Far View Farm – Langdon
Marilyn Stuller
313-7115 or email
Lamb – Naturally raised on pasture, hormone and antibiotic free. Icelandic lamb is naturally lean with a mild flavor.

Stone Farm - Cornish
Charlie Stone
(603) 469-3559 or email
USDA inspected. Vacuum wrapped. Seasonal turkeys. Fresh eggs. Saturday farm stand May-October 9-12.