New Hampshire Agriculture in the Classroom provides educational resources and opportunities that integrate agriculture, food, and natural resources into classrooms for K-12 students and teachers. By connecting agricultural literacy to curricular concepts, these programs promote awareness and understanding of the food, fiber, and fuel systems on which we all depend.


Teacher Workshops: Offering methods and materials to incorporate agriculture into any classroom, often aligned to common core standards - a focus on STEM and project-based learning.

Annual Agricultural Literacy Program: Each year we select an agriculturally accurate book targeted towards young students - volunteers visit local classrooms to read the book, offer a supporting activity, and donate the book to the school.

School to Farm Field Trips: 4th grade students from different counties are invited to spend the day on a working farm supplemented with agricultural professionals to learn about dairy, wool, maple, bees, soils, forestry, horticulture, and other topics.

Tucker Mountain Challenge: A classroom maple syrup production contest, supported by Tapping Into Maple Tradition curriculum resources.

Resource Library: We maintain a lending library of resources including books, lessons, activities, and other materials.

Monthly Newsletter, Facebook Page, and Pinterest Board: Regular postings of new lessons and classroom ideas.


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