Get Social on Ag Day

agdayWe are fortunate to live in a country where food is abundant and affordable.  This Wednesday, March 18, has been declared National Agriculture Day, a day for all citizens to take time to express their gratitude for all that agriculture provides them. 

This year the New Hampshire Farm Bureau Federation wants you to get social and share your story on Facebook.  It may be as simple as enjoying a glass of milk or enjoying a meal from locally produced food items.  However you decide to celebrate, share it on the Farm Bureau Facebook page on Ag Day (March 18).

The first person to respond to the New Hampshire Farm Bureau post will be eligible to win a New Hampshire Farm Bureau hat and bumper sticker.  “We are encouraging everyone to tell us about how they are celebrating Ag Day,” said the chair of the Young Farmer program, Amy Gowell Drogue. “Social media is a great way to share positive stories about agriculture, so get online and celebrate!”

In addition to this social media venture in New Hampshire, county Farm Bureaus, members of the Young Farmer program, as well as active members of the Associated Women of the New Hampshire Farm Bureau Federation are participating in the Agriculture in the Classroom, Agriculture Literacy program.  The program has been designed as a way to educate and celebrate agriculture by reading agriculturally accurate books to schoolchildren.  “The focus for 2015 and beyond is to capture the attention of students who think they have no relationship to agriculture,” said New Hampshire Agriculture in the Classroom Coordinator Debbi Cox.  “It is amazing how many people have no idea where their food and fiber comes from.  The book, Who Grew My Soup? by Tom Darbyshire, is an accurate portrayal of vegetable production and reinforces that agriculture is part of everyday life.”

The 42nd National Agriculture Day is brought to us by the Agriculture Council of America.  It is a time to encourage every American to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by the farming community.  Enjoy the day and celebrate agriculture!