National Ag Day – March 25

NationalAgDayWe are very fortunate to live in a country where food is abundant and affordable.  In recognition of our agriculture industry, March 25 has been set aside as the date to celebrate National Ag Day.

The day is a time when farmers, agricultural associations, corporations, universities, government agencies and countless others across America gather to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by American agriculture. 

This year is the 41st year that the Agriculture Council of America (ACA) is energizing its Ag Day promotions in 2014.  Committee members hope to reach a wider audience with this year’s theme: “365 Sunrises and 7 Billion Mouths to Feed.”

 In New Hampshire, county Farm Bureaus, Young Farmers and members of the Associated Women are participating in the NH Ag in the Classroom, Ag-Literacy program, as a way to educate and celebrate agriculture. “The focus for 2014 and beyond is to capture the attention of students who think they have no relationship to agriculture,” said NH Ag in the Classroom Coordinator Debbi Cox. “The book, Chickens (Down on the Farm) by Hannah Ray is an accurate portrayal of chickens and how they impact our daily lives. Our program reinforces that agriculture is a part of all of us.”

NH Farm Bureau Federation President Jeff Holmes encourages state residents to celebrate the day.  “New Hampshire’s agriculture is a vibrant part of our state and local economy,” Holmes noted.  “People can enjoy (and celebrate) agriculture by attending winter farmers’ markets or by simply enjoying good food that is grown in this great nation.”

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